This data logger can measure up to minus 80 degrees Celsius (-80 degrees Celsius), making it suitable for use in cold storage boxes and deep freezers containing freezing, cold logistics and dry ice.
We have a proven track record of being used mainly in the pharmaceutical and laboratory and food industries.
Specimens from the lower respiratory tract” for pathogen tests (PCR) must be transported on ice or frozen in a refrigerator or freezer to meet the requirements.
It ensures that temperature data is “automatically recorded” without the need to record it yourself.
There is no need to go through the procedures for overseas transport as we have already obtained various certificates.
Data can be viewed on a computer, smartphone or tablet according to the customer’s needs.


※It can be used overseas because it is compatible with Fahrenheit.

※To read the data, the「RC-S380/S」is required.



Object to be measured  temperature
Number of channels  temperature/1ch
Measurement range  temperature/-80℃ ~ 80℃ 
Measurement accuracy  temperature/±0.3℃(-10℃~50℃) ±0.5℃(-80℃~-10℃/50℃~80℃)
resolution  temperature/0.1℃
Sensor  temperature/platinum (Pt)
recording interval  Every 1 to 255 minutes
recording capacity  temperature/16,000
recording mode  one-time mode(Stops recording when the recording capacity is full)
 rollover(When the recording capacity is full, the old data is overwritten and recording continues.)
liquid crystal display  measured value・action indication・Battery Life Warning・warning sign・unit
Battery  lithium battery ER2450TWL 1※Please contact the manufacturer for special batteries.
Battery Life  About 100 days(Battery life will vary depending on usage conditions.)
data protection features  Data can be retained when the power is turned off, unless new measurement conditions are set.
interface  NFC communication(RC-S380/S
waterproof feature  IP67(No problem for 30 minutes in 1m water)
Body dimensions(㎜)  H34mm x W90mm x D15mm
Body weight(g)  about50g(lithium battery ER2450TWL 1)
Operating Environment  -80 ~ 80℃
accessory  lithium battery ER2450TWL 1※Please contact the manufacturer for special batteries.
 user’s manual(warranty) 1
 Battery Replacement Driver 1
option  wall surface attachment【 AT-150S 】